辵 | 辶 Chuò 辵 | Walk, Go

辵 is a compound ideograph. In its Oracle bone form, its top strokes resemble walking paths or walkways, with its bottom strokes resemble a foot. 辵 has a similar meaning to another walk radical: (zǒu). However, 辵 depicts a slow, strolling walk, sometimes stopping, along a wide path rather than the rapid walk, almost a run, depicted by .

辵 is a radical and is only written in its left radical form: 辶. 辵 | Walk, Go It is a common radical found in many words related to walking or a walking path, such as : 近 (jìn) "near", 远 (yuǎn) "far", 迈 (mài) "step", and 道 (dào) "path, road".

  • Category:Radical
  • Formation Method:Compound Ideograph
  • Radical Number:162

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