二 èr two

Like 一, the character 二 is an ideograph and easy to remember: two horizontal strokes to represent the number “Two”. 两 (liăng) is an alternative written form and pronouciation of 二 used in the hundred-millions, ten­-thousands, thousands, or hundreds place and with measure words such as 个 (ɡè), 把 (bǎ), 块 (kuài), 棵 (kē), 只 (zhī), and 条 (tiáo). For example, 两个 (liǎnɡ ɡè), 两条 (liǎnɡ tiáo).

二 is considered a lucky pattern in Chinese culture and represents germination and harmony. Decorations in China are often setup in pairs, such as a pair of red candles, a pair of paintings, and couplets hung on both sides of the door. It is also common to double the same Chinese characters to add value or meaning. For example, the character for "Double Happiness" used during celebratory events such as weddings is "囍" (shuāng xĭ), a combination of two "喜" (xĭ) "Joy, Happiness".

  • Category:Number
  • Formation Method:Ideograph

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