雪 Xuě 雪 | Snow

雪 is composed of the 雨 (yǔ) radical on top and the modified bottom portion of the character 彗 (huì). 彗 (huì) means "Comet" or "Broomstick," and the lower half of 彗 is a pictograph of a hand. When 雪 is used as a noun, it means "Snow", however, 雪 can also be used as a verb; albeit rarely, to mean "To Clean" or "To Wipe Away". Although 彗 is considered the phonetic component of 雪, the abbreviated hand lends a semantic quality to the verb form of 雪.

  • Category:Phono-Semantic Compound
  • Component Characters:雨 Yǔ | "Rain", and 彗 Huì | "Comet, Broomstick"
  • Semantic Component:雨 Yǔ | "Rain" and 彗 Huì | "Comet, Broomstick"
  • Phonetic Component:彗 Huì | "Comet, Broomstick"

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